NewsCred WP Plugin

Fuel your WordPress site with the world’s best content. With articles and images from over 2,500 award-winning sources like Reuters and Associated Press, this NewsCred plug-in makes it effortless to keep your site populated with fresh, traffic-driving content. Best of all, because your content is licensed, full-text articles and images are always hosted on your site – users will never “click out” to read an article.

Features include:

Publish Content
Our point and click interface makes it easy to search, insert and edit articles and images from sources like Bloomberg and The Washington Post. Easy to use filters make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Manage Content
Create, customize and save your news feeds using the powerful NewsCred API.

Automate Content
Put your content on autopilot using auto-publishing controls that actually work.

Note that you’ll need an API key issued to you from NewsCred in order to use this plugin. Please email and a sales representative will reach out to discuss licensing and pricing options.

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