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NewsBoard is a highly customizable jQuery News Ticker that displays your posts or rss feed from other sites. You can easily set width, height, colors, rollover colors, date format, thumbnail sizes, fonts, transitions, speed and much more.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcCQ3eWS3-Y]

Works on all modern browsers
NewsBoard takes advantage of CSS3 features like border radius, gradients and text shadow, which are supported by all modern browsers. But those who don’t, get visually simplified version.

Easy integration in posts
Use the dedicated button in Visual Editor for embedding NewsBoard in your posts. Only two clicks away!

Prepublishing Review
Make NewsBoard visible on your website once you have customized it the way you like.

Embed it in the theme
By using the shortcode you can place NewsBoard anywhere in the theme you like.

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