Nelio Featured Posts

With this WordPress plugin, you can define a set of featured posts easily.
These featured posts can be added to your theme wherever you want via a widget.

The plugin is extremely simple, fast, and reliable. Once you have selected the
featured posts, they are saved in a cache, so that the amount of database
queries is kept to the minimum.

> **Custom Templates**
> Version 2.0.0 let’s you define your own templates for displaying each related
> post. Just create a directory named `neliofp` in your theme’s directory and
> create the template you want to use such as, for instance,
> `template-name.php`. When inserting the widget, specify that the template is
> `template-name` and you’re ready to go!
> **Warning** Remember to save your templates somewhere save before updating
> your theme!
> (In the directory `template-examples` you’ll find some examples).

_Featured image by_ [_Abulic

= Features =

* **Featured Posts Selection** Set the list of featured posts from one single
* **Powered by a Widget** Use the featured images wherever you want by simply
adding a widget.
* **Customization** You can tweak a few details of the featured post list, such
as the section title or the number of words in the excerpt.

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_Featured image by_ [_Abulic

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