Multiple Google Analytics Trackers

Minimalistic [Google Analytics]( plugin that lets you add one or more trackers and control exactly how the script is rendered.

= Rendering the script =
This plugin lets you control wether the Google Analytics script is printed in the “-element, the “-element or using a custom action.

There’s also a filter available, if you want to completely override the code that prints the analytics code. This way you can use the plugin simply for storing the property ID’s in the database and manually render the analytics script exactly as your want it.

The filter for overriding the script code is `ahr-google-analtyics/script_file_path` and you’d use it like so:

add_filter(‘ahr-google-analtyics/script_file_path’, function($default_path){
// return an absolute file path to the file you want to use for rendering the script
}, 10, 1);

= Accessing the property ids via code =
If you need to manipulate the Google Analytics property ids before they are printed, then use the `ahr-google-analtyics’/property_ids` filter. It’ll pass you an array of property ids as its single argument.

If you need to pull the ids from the database, in any other context, you can use `$property_ids = get_option( AhrGoogleAnalytics::OPTION_IDS );`

This plugin will always give you an array of ids. Even if you just have one.

= Source code & contributions =
Please feel free to contribute improvements, report bugs or suggest new features via the GitHub repo

* [Github Repo](
* [Suggest improvements](
* [Open a pull request](

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