Mobile Contact Bar

*Mobile Contact Bar is a compact and highly customizable plugin, which allows your visitors to contact you directly via phone, email, Social Media, or any custom URL.*

Display settings for bar, icons and contacts are editable under the *Settings → Mobile Contact Bar* menu in WordPress Admin.

The contact bar appears if at least one contact information is set, and on those screens where the width is below of the *Maximum Screen Width* setting.

= Features =

* Set your contact information and Social Media profiles
* Design bar and icons via plugin settings or directly via CSS
* Change the order of the icons as you wish
* Add subject, body, cc, bcc parameters to email, add predefined text messages
* Show or hide bar toggle – depending on your needs
* Add custom URLs using the `mcb_admin_update_contacts` filter and [Font Awesome Icons](

For more information see the [FAQ](

= Tested with =

* Twenty Ten
* Twenty Eleven
* Twenty Twelve
* Twenty Thirteen
* Twenty Fourteen
* Twenty Fifteen :S
* Twenty Sixteen
* Twenty Seventeen

= Developers =

*Administration Hooks*

* `mcb_admin_update_contacts( array $contacts )` filter allows you to modify the *Contact List* section. Typically, you add new items to that list.

* `mcb_admin_update_settings( array $settings )` filter allows you to modify the *Bar Display Settings* section and the *Icon Display Settings* section. If you can not wait for the official enhancement, you can add settings to those sections by yourself.

*Front end Hooks*

* `mcb_front_escape_uri( string $uri, string $id, string $protocol, string $resource )` filter allows you to perform custom specification and validation of a contact’s reference. The plugin already supports the `http`, `https`, `mailto`, `skype`, `sms` and the `tel` protocols.

* `mcb_front_render_html( array $contacts, array $settings )` action gives you full control over the representation.

= Credits =

* [Font Awesome]( the iconic font and CSS toolkit by Dave Gandy
* [WP Color Picker]( color picker with alpha channel by Codestar

= Please Vote and Enjoy =

Your votes really make a difference! Thanks.

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