(ML Parallax)

ML Scrolling Parallax is easy to use scrolling parallax and animate effect.


ML Parallax give you two powerfull shortcodes.

For parallax background:

`[mlprxbg url=”example.jpg” style=”” class=”” id=””]Put everything here[/mlprxbg]`


1. **url** – Direct link to image which will be background in parallax box,
2. **style** – With this parameter you can add inline css styles,
3. **class** – Custom class which will be add to parallax box,
4. **id** – Custom id which will be add to parallax box

For scrolling animate effect:

`[mlprx effect=”fadeInUp” delay=”500″] Put crazy stuff here [/mlprx]`


1. **effect** – List of all available effects you can find here [CLICK](http://daneden.github.io/animate.css/),
2. **delay** – Time that must elapse before a trigger animation. Value is in milliseconds(1s=1000ms)

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