Mivhak Syntax Highlighter

Have you been looking for a syntax highlighter that is safe to use on both the visual and the HTML WordPress editor? What
about a tool that highlights your syntax *While* writing your code, and also checks for syntax errors?

Well, look no further. *Mivhak* is a lightweight syntax highlighter for WordPress, based on a slightly modified version of the great *Ace Code Editor*.
Mivhak comes with a simple settings panel that allows the user to setup basic plugin behavior and appearance.

Additionally, code can be easily inserted to both the HTML and the visual editor using a TinyMCE popup the features live syntax highlighting and error checking for 100+ languages.


* Lightweight – minified CSS and JS, language scripts and themes are loaded on request
* Supports 130+ different programming languages
* 36 different skins
* Visual + HTML editor code insertion buttons
* Backend code editor with live syntax highlighting and error checking
* Options to add caption text, change starting line, highlight single/multiple lines, and much more!
* Easy-to-use control panel
* Visual editor placeholders with floating control bar (see screenshots)
* Automatic code highlighting for , and/or
* Works with Markdown
* Inline and block code widgets

**Useful Links**

* [Official Page](http://products.askupasoftware.com/mivhak/)
* [Examples](http://products.askupasoftware.com/mivhak/examples/)
* [Documentation](http://products.askupasoftware.com/mivhak/documentation/)

**Available Translations**

* English
* Hebrew
* German
* Danish

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