Material Design Icons

Enables 1000+ Material Design icons within WordPress pages and posts. Icons can be inserted with a shortcode or HTML markup.

= Features =

* **Shortcode generator** – includes an easy-to-use TinyMCE pop-up shortcode generator.

= Usage =
Material Design Icons can be used in 3 different ways: shortcode, HTML, and TinyMCE

= 1. Shortcode =
`[mdi-icon name=”material-ul” size=”2x” color=”red”]`

You can also use hex values for color:
`[mdi-icon name=”material-ul” size=”2x” color=”#000000″]`

You can read more about shortcode usage on [Github](

= 2. TinyMCE =
Material Design Icons also provides you with a pop-up window when editing in TinyMCE’s visual mode. Check out our [Screenshots]( “Screenshots”) to see what it looks like.

= 3. HTML =
Note that prefixes are required for HTML usage. For this reason, shortcode usage is encouraged over HTML. A HTML version would look like:

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