Mailjet for Wordpress

Mailjet’s official plugin for WordPress will allow you to:

* Send both transactional and marketing emails from your Wordpress site;
* Reconfigure your wp_mail() function to use Mailjet’s SMTP instead of mail() for enhanced deliverability and tracking;
* To easily create contact lists and manage personalisation variables;
* Have the insight you need from a real-time dashboard showing opens, clicks, geographies, average time to click, user agents, etc;
* Easily create and send marketing campaigns using drag and drop Newsletter builder or selecting from our template library;
* Provide a signup widget, so your visitors can sign up to your Mailjet mailing lists.

** Secure & real-time SMTP relay for all your emails **
– A lot of features and plugins from your WordPress site send email notifications. All these messages are very important for your users, as well as for your business. Therefore, you want to track success and ensure a successful delivery.

Our plugin simply extends the WordPress wp_mail() function, to use Mailjet’s SMTP instead. This will improve your deliverability. You will also get live and in-depth statistics to track and optimize in real time. Making the choice of Mailjet is the right solution for your [transactional emails]( , [bulk emails]( and [newsletter emails](

** Sign up form & contact lists Management **
– Another great feature of this plugin is the sign up form Widget. It allows your site visitors to join your Mailjet lists. You can create contact lists directly from the plugin dashboard. The Widget will let you add forms to any post or any page.

** Mailjet’s latest generation v3 iframes **
– Last but not least, the plugin features Mailjet’s latest v3 iframes to manage contacts, create drag-and-drop marketing campaigns and view in depth sending statistics directly from within the plug-in.

** Installing the Plugin **
– Enable Mailjet’s Plugin like you would do for any other Wordpress plugin. Enter your Mailjet credentials and refer to the FAQs for any other information. If you don’t have a Mailjet account yet, [signup now]( for free!

*** SECURITY UPDATE *** if you connect your Mailjet account and get a “php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed” or if you try to open “contacts”, “statistics” and the login form appears AND your Mailjet account was created prior to August 2014, please go to [Account API keys]( to regenerate a new Secret Key for the plug-in.

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