(LRH-Shortcode List)

This WordPress plugin will display a list of available shortcodes in a meta box for
inserting into content. Insertions add brackets and any known required
parameters. This only works when in the visual editor.
The meta box can also display help about shortcodes, if any,
by clicking on the name.

An admin settings section allows the activation and deactivation of listed
shortcodes. Also shown is any additional known information, such as
required and optional parameters.

= Developers =

You can provide addition information about your shortcode by responding
to a filter ‘sim_XXX’ where XXX is your shortcode tag.

The additional information can include description, is it self-closing,
the required parameters, and the optional parameters.

– Providing Shortcode Information –

To provide additional information to the helper, create a filter that
updates and returns a array of data.
See http://lrh.net/wpblog_lrh/lrh-shortcode-list-wp-plugin/ for examples.

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