Loggedin – Limit Active Logins

By default in WordPress users can login using one account from **unlimited** devices/browsers at a time. This is not good for everyone, seriously! With this plugin you can easily set a limit for no. of active logins a user can have.

> #### LoggedIn – Features and Advantages
> – **Set maximum no. of active logins for a user**.
> – **Block new logins to the same account, if maximum active logins found.**
> – Prevent users from sharing their account.
> – Useful for membership sites (for others too).
> – No complex settings. Just one optional field to set the limit.
> – Super Light weight.
> – Filter to bypass login limit for certain users or roles.
> – Completely free to use with lifetime updates.
> – Follows best WordPress coding standards.
> [Installation](https://wordpress.org/plugins/loggedin/installation/) | [Support](http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/loggedin/) | [Screenshots](https://wordpress.org/plugins/loggedin/screenshots/)

Please contribute to the plugin development in [GitHub](https://github.com/joel-james/LoggedIn).

**Important Notice**

Even if the user is closing the browser without logging out, their login session exists for period of time. So this will also considered as an active login.

**Bug Reports**

Bug reports for are always welcome. [Report here](https://thefoxe.com/bug-report/).

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