A cache-compatible WordPress plugin which converts all prices of the currency of
your choice in a post or page in the viewer’s local currency. LocalMoney relies
on the WP-cron system to fetch and cache the rates from
[Open Exchange Rates](http://openexchangerates.org “The openexchangerates.org site”)
on an hourly basis and then uses javascript to lookup the visitor’s location and
fetch the appropriate rate data. This means that, unlike some plugins I could mention,
LocalMoney is compatible with caching plugins.

LocalMoney, once configured, immediately (or as soon as your cache updates) acts
on all your posts and pages without you having to mark up the prices in your text.

= Features =

1. Determines the reader’s country via IP address, using IP2C
1. Resolves proxies with the ‘forwarded-for’ header so AOL-compatible
1. If IP2C fails uses the language settings and timezone offset to guess location
1. Obtains exchange rates from openexchangerates.org
1. Uses AJAX so that converting currency values doesn’t delay page load times
1. Caches exchange rates locally to minimize calls to openexchangerates.org
1. Output prices matched to format of input prices (i.e. with or without cents)

= How to Use =

Once LocalMoney is installed it will take any page on which US dollar prices are
displayed and convert them to the visitors local currency. If your posts are written
with another currency you can change the base currency in the Settings > LocalMoney

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