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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZ82xFjmTEM&list=UUCB5QpqoU5xobWK5vLnr-WQ&index=1]

See the [HelpOut Tab in Action](http://blog.livehelpnow.net/eliminate-costly-support-calls-with-the-click-of-a-button/).

LiveHelpNow is a responsive, reliable, and extremely affordable Help Desk Software for your website. The HelpOut Tab plugin displays help desk options to visitors in a snappy right tab that’s easy to spot and works intuitively- pointing customers with questions to instant answers so they can find all the information they need to make a confident purchase.

This FREE plugin requires an ACTIVE (free-trail or paid) LiveHelpNow subscription.

The versatile HelpOut Tab works with any combination of LiveHelpNow products:

* Live Chat System
* Ticket System
* Callback Request System
* Knowledge Base System

**Live Chat System** – rated #1 live chat support software by TopTenREVIEWS.

Open the door for your business to connect directly with its customers with the LiveHelpNow [Live Chat System](http://www.livehelpnow.net/help-desk-software/). Our chat software allows you to interact directly with website visitors in the same way you would in a traditional retail store. You wouldn’t ignore customers in your store, so don’t ignore the one visiting your site every day! Can’t be at your computer? Chat on the go with Mobile Chat!

**Ticket System** – manage customer inquiries from start to finish; avoid the chaos and pitfalls of email.

LiveHelpNow [Ticket System](http://www.livehelpnow.net/products/ticket_system/) is an advanced inquiry management system that provides your website with its own helpdesk solution. Instead of sending you a string of emails your customers can submit their inquiries directly into the Ticket system using a customizable web form & then get instant confirmation that their request has been received. Automated status notifications keep customers in the loop and analytical reports gauge the effectiveness of your support team. The Ticket system allows your store to be open even when you’re not there, giving you the ability to provide customer service 24/7/365.

**Callback Request System** – a missed phone call can very easily be a lost sale!

You wouldn’t leave your business telephone without an answering machine; now there’s no reason to leave visitors to your website without a way to leave a message for you. Our 24/7 Callback Request system allows your customers to notify you when they need to speak with a live operator. Collect the person’s contact information and the time at which they’d like you to call them on a customizable web form and assign callbacks to your staff; requests are then queued and for easy and straightforward management.

**Knowledge Base System** – reduce customer support costs and improve customer satisfaction

Add a fully functional support center to your website using the LiveHelpNow [Knowledge Base System](http://www.livehelpnow.net/products/support_system/). Publish all the FAQs customers ask to one easily accessible location, and create private articles for your support team to utilize as they handle customer inquiries by phone, chat, ticket or email. Give new customers all the information they need to make a confident purchase and provide returning customers with quick resolutions to their burning questions. The Knowledge Base system can be fully customized to match your website design and it’s easy to manage with no technical skills required!

**Full Feature List:**

Live Chat System

* Install anywhere! Any website and any platform!
* Login from anywhere! Web, Windows, Mac…
* Chat window is compatible with all browsers, no exceptions and no limitations!
* 2 step installation: Copy the code to your website, Install Alerter notification software
* Full real-time visitor monitoring, find out where your visitors are from, how they found your site, how long they stay on your website, which page the visitor are on… ALL IN REAL TIME
* Use your internet enabled mobile device to chat with your customers like iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Google Phone, Palm, etc. Apps for iOS and Android devices are also available.
* Use LiveHelpNow live chat system on unlimited websites and pages, there are no limitations.
* Customize as many chat windows as you need and link them all to one account!
* Huge libraries of Live Chat buttons provided, or use your own.
* Spectrum of proactive features, invite browsing visitors to live chat either automatically or manually
* Everything is customizable: Chat windows, Messages, Invitations, Live Chat Buttons, Flows, Business rules, etc.
* Fully secured with financial grade 256-bit encryption
* Supports multiple operators, and filled with features for real-time operator monitoring.
* Multiple Simultaneous Chat Sessions, one operator can chat with an unlimited number of customers at the same time with no stress!
* Push pages to customers while in chat
* Transfer chat sessions to any other online operator on the account
* Operator to Operator messaging
* Patent pending “Whisper” Technology allows operators to coach each other! Send private messages into a chat session assigned to another operator. This message will be visible only to the operator who this chat session is assigned to and not the customer.
* Prospect and returning visitor detection and visitor flagging.
* Dynamic billboards. Advertise to your customers in the chat window, up to 10 rotating advertising messages are allowed!
* Save frequently used messages, links and images as Canned Responses for “1-click send” in chat
* Spell Check
* Support for ALL languages, with no limitations.
* Review each customer’s previous chat history
* Ability to add notes to visitors and make them available to other operators should the visitor come back in the future.
* Ban visitors who cause trouble to prevent them from chatting and wasting valuable company time.
* Offline window allows leaving a message when everyone’s offline
* Print/Email chat transcripts
* Visitor “Typing” notification
* Custom information feed – ability to pass information from your website to your operators
* 24/7 support 877-LIVE-001
* Free hands on support with installation
* Free live demo
* On-demand custom integration with other CRM systems
* and much more…

Ticket System

* Email-to-ticket (Email Piping) integration!
* Full ticket lifecycle from opening to resolution
* Easy to understand and use, straightforward interface to manage customer inquiries
* Customers are able to easily submit new tickets and track their progress on the web
* Easy 1 minute installation on your website
* Track and measure the effectiveness of your staff
* Create Knowledge base articles in your Support System based on resolved tickets with a click of a button
* Improve communication with your customers with automated responses and ticket status notifications
* Fully customizable, with no limitations. All screens, labels, information fields, email notifications, etc. are completely customizable
* Ticket history, evolution of ticket status and actions taken on ticket are logged
* Completely Scalable – manage customer support inquiries, track bugs or manage to-do lists
* Cross-Platform, Web-based Trouble Ticket Software
* Full search of archives (up to 2 years)
* On-demand custom reports (24 hour turnaround on custom report development)
* All communications are fully secured with 128-bit encryption
* Public API for easy integration with any other platform
* and much more…

Knowledge Base System

* Install anywhere! Any website and any platform!
* Login from anywhere! Web, Windows, Mac…
* Compatible with all browsers, no exceptions and no limitations!
* 1-click article creation and publishing
* Full knowledge monitoring, find out what your customers are searching your knowledge base for, what they do and don’t like about a particular knowledge base article… ALL IN REAL TIME
* Professional grade knowledge management system
* Fully brandable, looks and works identically to your website with completely seamless integration, you can even publish under your URL with NO CODE!
* Here are some examples:
[http://help.livehelpnow.net](http://help.livehelpnow.net/), [http://support.finaldraft.com](http://support.finaldraft.com/), [http://faq.goqsoftware.com](http://faq.goqsoftware.com/), [http://faq.bossplow.com](http://faq.bossplow.com)
* Capture knowledge from Chat transcripts or Resolved tickets with 1-click all in real-time.
* Fully integrated with LiveHelpNow Chat System and Ticket System
* Fully integrated in operator panel for Operators to quickly search knowledge base articles and share them with customers in chats or in a ticket.
* On-demand custom reports with 24 hour turnaround.
* Public API for easy integration with other systems
* and much more…

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