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Kontrol – Wordpress Developer Kit is an advanced Wordpress plugin for developers. Create custom CMS sites quickly and easily using advanced custom fields, custom post types, custom taxonomies, admin menu editors, SEO and much more through an easy to use interface.

Ever wanted to just install just one Wordpress plugin in order to whip out an awesome custom CMS or blog for a client quickly and easily? We know we did! This plugin is made by developers, for developers.

**[View our screenshots for a quick peek of what Kontrol can do](http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/kontrol-developer-kit/screenshots/).**

**Kontrol now supports full internationalisation (i18n) and can be easily translated to any other language supported by Wordpress – At the moment we only support English in full, but we currently have partial language support for over 20 languages – [View our site for more information](https://www.kontrolwp.com/plugin/wordpress-developer-kit/languages-supported)**

**For more screenshots, documentation, information and support, please visit our website at [http://www.kontrolwp.com](http://www.kontrolwp.com)**

####Amazing Custom Fields

Create incredibly powerful and flexible custom fields for use in your clients CMS or blog.

From a simple text field with validation to advanced image and file inline uploads, you will be able to create virtually any type of custom field easily and quickly. All custom fields come with a wealth of configurable options and also support many types of advanced field validation methods on them such as ‘required’, ’email address’, ‘URL’ and many more.

####Custom Settings / Options

The custom settings module allows you to use the power of our custom fields to create your own sets of custom settings / options for your CMS.

These are highly useful for creating and storing information / images / files that don’t need to be tied to any post, but instead help control how the site works. All custom settings fields support a wide array of validation methods (required, email, URL etc) and can be organised into categories with their own admin menu entry for ease of access. From simple text fields, to an advanced image upload or even a ‘repeatable’ field, you’ll find the field type you need for virtually any type of custom setting you need to add to your CMS.

####Custom Post Types

Creating and managing Wordpress custom post types has never been easier, use our new advanced and easy to use custom post type manager for all your post type needs.

Create, hide, edit, disable all your own new custom content post types using our advanced module. Add, Edit, Move any columns that show up when all the posts are listed under that post type – even add in data from custom fields, taxonomies and more post information than you can shake a stick at. Upload icons for the custom post type menu entries, set permissions and automatically generate all labels for a new custom post type in just seconds.

####Custom Taxonomies

Taxonomies allow you to group or categorise your post type content. These are very powerful and essential in any advanced Wordpress CMS or Blog.

Using our custom taxonomy manager, you can create new taxonomies, edit / disable current ones, assign them to selected post types, set permissions and automatically generate all labels for a new custom taxonomies in just seconds.

####Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our SEO module is among the best available for Wordpress featuring a wealth of easy to use configuration options.

Features advanced templating for automatically generating SEO content for all pages already on your CMS or blog in a second, advanced redirecting, search engine results page preview and much more. We also made sure to make it look professional since your clients will be seeing it on any post types you enable it on.

####Admin Menu Editor

When delivering a CMS or blog to a client, it’s important to have a clean interface for the client when using the backend.

Our great and powerful admin menu editor takes care of this, with it you can now add new menu items, rearrange current ones, hide or delete existing ones and even upload new icons for the menus. Our admin editor is extremely easy to use and should help you to deliver a clean interface for all your custom client CMS or blog.

###Information, Screenshots and Support

For more information, screenshots and support, please visit our website at [http://www.kontrolwp.com](http://www.kontrolwp.com)

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