FAQ, Knowledgebase – Responsive Accordion FAQ Plugin

Easy-to-use knowledgebase, responsive accordion FAQ solution which creates a centralized information repository for your products or services.

= Main features =

* Create responsive glossary, accordion FAQs, wiki, term definitions, kb articles and more
* Contextual coloring to highlight or group related accordion faqs
* Featured and Recent knowledgebase articles sidebar widgets
* Ability to set initial state of any knowledge base articles; open or closed accordion in page load
* Group and/or tag knowledge base articles to improve user adaptation and understanding
* Ability to change slugs for knowledge base articles, kb_tags and kb_category
* Use Shortcodes to create distinctive combinations. See Screenshots for samples
* Built with WP App Studio – [Knowledge base, FAQ plugin design](https://wpappstudio.com/designs/knowledge-center-community-wordpress-plugin-design/) is available for customizations using ProDev API access
* Configured to work with [EMD CSV Import Export](https://emdplugins.com/plugin-features/knowledge-center-importexport-addon) providing bulk import/export/update/reset records from/to CSV files complying plugin business and data integrity rules
* Configured to work with [EMD Smart Search and Columns Extension](https://emdplugins.com/plugin-features/knowledge-center-smart-search-and-columns-addon) for finding what’s important faster

*Watch Introduction Video*

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gMaLdkDzwQ]

[WordPress Knowledgebase, FAQ Plugin – Knowledge Center Documentation](https://docs.emdplugins.com/docs/knowledge-center-community-documentation/)

= Knowledge Center Pro =
* All Community edition features plus
* Powerful and advanced knowledge base solution
* WPAS Ratings Lite is included; adds ability to allow users to rate knowledgebase entry in 3 built-in rating systems (star, like, thumbs up/down) and show customizable stats.
* Predictive search with optional group and tag filtering helps finding content faster and efficiently
* Visual Shortcode Builder to create advanced content views through shortcodes
* Multiple shortcodes of the same view type can be combined in the same page and supports AJAX page navigation (see demo)
* Content navigation with and without collapsible knowledgebase entries
* 100% responsive and intuitive frontend
* Advanced content search with dynamic filters in the admin area
* [The WP App Studio Knowledge Base Knowledge Center Pro plugin design is available for customization](https://wpappstudio.com/designs/knowledge-center-professional-wordpress-plugin-design/)
* Visually import/export from/to CSV files
* Export content list to PDF or CSV from admin list

[WordPress Knowledgebase, FAQ Plugin – Knowledge Center Pro Plugin Page](https://emdplugins.com/plugins/knowledge-center-wordpress-plugin/?pk_campaign=kcenter-pro-link&pk_kwd=wordpressorg-readme)

[WordPress Knowledgebase, FAQ Plugin – Knowledge Center Pro – Demo featuring Marketing Business terms](https://kcenter-pro.emdplugins.com/?pk_campaign=kcenter-pro-link&pk_kwd=wordpressorg-readme)

= Knowledge Center Enterprise =

* Most advanced,reponsive, fully featured, all-in-one Knowledge Base solution ever built for WordPress
* All Pro edition features plus
* Predictive advanced omnisearch for all knowledge base content
* Includes WPAS Ratings – the most advanced and flexible WordPress user rating system to this date
* Articles which are connected to videos, knowledgebase entries, images galleries and more
* Social media sharing for all
* Image Galleries with integrated responsive lightbox plus
* Ability to attach files to knowledgebase articles
* Advanced Panels: Relate and display knowledge base articles to terms, FAQs
* Documenter: to display knowledge base articles with scroll spy and option title search
* Visual Shortcode Builder to create advanced shortcodes to better represent your business or products
* Built with WP App Studio – [Knowledge Base – Knowledge Center Enterprise the plugin design](https://wpappstudio.com/designs/knowledge-center-enterprise-wordpress-plugin-design/) is available for customizations using ProDev API access

[WordPress Knowledgebase Plugin – Knowledge Center Enterprise Plugin Page](https://emdplugins.com/plugins/knowledge-center-wordpress-plugin/?pk_campaign=kcenter-ent-link&pk_kwd=wordpressorg-readme)

[WordPress Knowledgebase Plugin – Knowledge Center Enterprise – Demo featuring WordPress Codex articles](https://kcenter-ent.emdplugins.com/?pk_campaign=kcenter-ent-link&pk_kwd=wordpressorg-readme)

[Learn how to create a self-service community using Knowledge Center Enterprise WordPress plugin](https://emdplugins.com/articles/enterprise-wordpress-creating-a-self-service-community/?pk_campaign=kcenter-ent-link&pk_kwd=wordpressorg-readme)

You can fully customize and regenerate this plugin’s code using this [plugin’s design](https://wpappstudio.com/designs/knowledge-center-community-wordpress-plugin-design/) and WP App Studio WordPress development plan sold seperately.

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