Knews Multilingual Newsletters

Knews is a powerful multilingual plug-in that allows you to **build professional looking newsletters**, segment subscribers in different mailing lists as well as segment them by language all in a matter of minutes.

Includes a custom, unique **modular WYSIWYG** (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Based on templates, with no need to know HTML.

= Features =
* **Multilingual**: it recognizes the languages of the blog or website automatically; compatible with Polylang, WPML and qTranslate / qTranslate X.
* **Gravity Forms** support added through [Knews + GF Glue]( free plugin: add easily a subscription checkbox to your GF forms
* **Contact Form 7** support added through [Knews + CF7 Glue]( free plugin: add easily a subscription checkbox to your CF7 forms
* Multiple mailing list subscription at once
* Partial support(1) for WooCommerce templates: [Lets Sharp]( & [Cool Shop](
* 591 domain blacklist added (keep mailing lists clean)
* Autoresponders** please, take a look [here](
* REMOTE SUBSCRIPTION ADDED: Now Knews give you an iframe HTML code for remote subscription in external websites.
* **Tracking pixel**: Now Knews uses an image to track opened newsletters, not only user clicks.
* Support for **Polylang**: Now Knews support [Polylang](, a high quality free multilingual plugin.
* HTML code edition inside WYSIWYG Editor!
* Easy SMTP default configuration for 1&1 and GoDaddy hostings & Gmail and Yahoo external accounts.
* **Automated** newslettering creation and submit [(tutorial here)](
* **Widget** for subscriber and surfing language capture, with Name and Surname optional fields.
* **Newsletter customization**: Name and Surname token replacement in submit time.
* Possibility of creating **your own templates** [(tutorial here)](
* **Segmentation** of subscribers by language and in different mailing lists
* Support for **SMTP** sending [(tutorial here)](
* **Total control** of deferred sending, pause, start, end, logs, error reports and re-sending.
* Support for **CRON** [(tutorial here)]( and Cron emulation by JavaScript.
* **Personalisation of all interaction messages** with users, in any installed language.
* **Multilingual back office**: English, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Greek and Catalan.
* **Automated** subscription, cancellation and confirmation of subscribers.
* Flexible, simple and intuitive **import wizard**: any order of columns and encoding will be correctly interpreted in a .CSV file.
* **Statistics**: Sign ups, unsubscriptions, newsletter submits, user clicks, user can’t read click, etc.
* **Free and without limitations**.

(1) Knews Free can’t automate the use of the featured post image, you should also add the Product image manually. Knews Free can’t automate the e-commerce newsletter creation.

**Premium features:**

Knews has a Premium version, with this extra features:

* **Automated bounce** handling
* **Double width newslettering**: desktop and mobile
* **User mass** management
* **Latest Newsletters** Widget, shortcode & function
* **Permission management**: Allow & disallow users by roles
* **Custom Post Types**: support for manual & automated
* Add **custom fields** as you want to the users
* **Featured post image** support for manual and automated insertion

More info here: [](

A WYSIWYG Editor Demo:

**Admin languages:**

* **NEW**: Chinese Simplified – zh_CN (thanks to: Edwin Cheng )
* **NEW**: Chinese Traditional – zh_TW (thanks to: Kenyo Wu )
* Arabic – ar (thanks to: Hasan Yousef)
* Bosnian – sr_RS – about 60% translated (thanks to: Hasan Yousef)
* Catalan – ca (Knews Team)
* Croatian – hr – about 60% translated (thanks to: Hasan Yousef)
* Dutch – nl_NL (Thanks to: Carl Rozema. )
* English – en_US (Knews Team & Ypsilon )
* Finnish – fi (thanks to: Esa Ratanen )
* French – fr_FR (thanks to: Ypsilon )
* German – de_DE (thanks to: Oliver-Frank Hebel )
* Italian – it_IT (thanks to: Ypsilon )
* Portuguese – pt_PT (Thanks to BAANNNG. (duplicated also to pt_BR)
* Russian – ru_RU (Thanks to Ivan Komarov. http:// )
* Serbian – sr_RS – about 60% translated (thanks to: Hasan Yousef)
* Spanish – es_ES (Knews Team)
* Greek – gr_GR (Thanks to Konstantinos Marinoglou)

Do you want to translate Knews to your language? We will give you Knews Pro for free as exchange, please, contact us here: [](

= Future releases =

* Support for xili-language and transposh plugins.
* Continued improvement of the WYSIWYG editor.
* More templates.

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