KK I Like It

**KK I Like It – FREE VERSION!!!**

**We are preparing for the plugin core rewriting!**

**Please report all problems [HERE](http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/kk-i-like-it)**

Plugin gives users or guest an option to like an article or a page.


* [Front] Option to like article/page
* [Front] Add gravatar of persons who liked the post
* [Settings] Choice of display position
* [Settings] Theme selection (2 options: dark and light)
* [Settings] Text „I like it!”
* [Settings] Text „Unlike”
* [Settings] Can only users vote?
* [Settings] Choice of content that should have the button (articles only, pages only, articles and pages)
* [Settings] Should the button display on the list of articles?
* [Settings] Show numer of likes (always/after hovering cursore over the button/never show)
* [Settings] Disable likes for single pages or posts
* [Settings] Own rating position
* [Settings] Button display generator
* [Widget] Recently liked
* [Widget] The most liked
* [Widget] Your liked (only for registered users)
* [Dashboard] Recently liked
* [Dashboard] Most liked
* [Shortcode] Display rate button
* [Shortcode] Display rating score
* [Admin] Two widgets in administration panel with statistics
* … and many more …

If you are willing to support my work or you are looking for more options, feel free to purchase professional version of the plugin.

PREMIUM VERSION: [only $15 – PRO Version](http://codecanyon.net/item/kk-progressbar-2/916225?ref=KrzysztofF)

Author Site: [Krzysztof Furtak](http://krzysztof-furtak.pl)

Thank you for choosing my product! Do not hesitate to contact me in case of any further questions or concerns.

More information about the plugin can be found [HERE](http://krzysztof-furtak.pl/kk-i-like-it-wordpress-plugin/) – feel free to check it out!

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