(Kaje Picture Password)

The Kaje Picture Password™ service serves as a proof of knowledge replacement for typed passwords. Picture passwords are superior in every way to typed passwords. Anytime you ask your users to type in a password, consider giving them the option to mouse-in or touch-in their password instead. With only THREE actions, you get the strength of EIGHT typed alphanumeric-symbol characters.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMB5RhJIHz8]

Features include:

* Users login via Kaje using their existing usernames. No need to create secondary accounts.
* You can administer your users’ Kaje accounts directly from the default USERS screen in the WordPress Dashboard.
* The status of the Kaje service is automatically checked before offering Kaje as a login option to users.
* Detailed instructions are included directly on the plugin’s SETTINGS screen to guide you through the simple setup process.

For more information, check out [PicturePassword.info](http://www.picturepassword.info/).

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