JSJ Gallery Slideshow

JSJ Gallery Slideshow immediately improves all your WordPress galleries, with simple, elegant and easy-to-use slideshows. It does this completely automatically (really, it’s that simple!). You only have to install the plugin and all your slideshows will be automatically converted to something like [this](http://thejsj.com/#/uncategorized/jsj-%C2%B7-gallery-slideshow-example/).

= Themes =

Since version 2.0.0., you can now change between different themes, including ‘Classic’, ‘Classic with Captions’ and [premium themes](http://plugins.thejsj.com/all-themes/) (More to come soon!). Themes make JSJ Gallery Slideshow the perfect plugin for total beginners (plug-and-play and no configuration), as well as for advanced Front-End developers who want to create their own pixel-perfect themes (Hooks for registering plugins!).

= Options =

You can change the way the slideshow is displayed through changing settings such as speed, transition effect and timeout between transition.

The plugin is based on the excellent [Jquery Cycle 2](http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle2/), one of the best jQuery slideshow plugins out there.

Plugin by [Jorge Silva-Jetter](http://thejsj.com)

Build with [jQuery Cycle 2](http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle2/)

Inspired by [Cargo](http://cargocollective.com/)

Available translations: Spanish, Dutch (Translated by [datiswous](http://profiles.wordpress.org/datiswous/))

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