jQuery Smooth Scroll

This plugin makes your anchor text to smooth scroll adds a smooth scroll to top feature/link in the lower-right corner of long pages. Appears after a set scrolling point and hides after scrolling near the top. This plugin is based on cudazi’s plugin “Scroll to Top”, and you may use this plugin if you need “Scroll to top” feature.

= Features include: =
* Smooth Scrolling for all anchor texts.
* A back to top button on right hand side.
* No unnecessary menu item in WordPress Dashboard.
* Easy customization with some css/js code edit.
* All CSS and JS files are compressed to score high in Google Page Speed score.
* Now change easing effect with the help of jQueruyUI
* Free [Support available here](http://www.blogsynthesis.com/support/)

= Important Links: =
* [**Docs**](http://www.blogsynthesis.com/plugins/jquery-smooth-scroll/)
* [**Support**](http://www.blogsynthesis.com/support/)
* [**Github Repo**](https://github.com/anandkumar/jquery-smooth-scroll)
* [**Donate**](http://www.blogsynthesis.com/donate/)
* [WordPress Tips](http://www.blogsynthesis.com/category/tutorials/)

BTW, The plugin might not be now compatible with some plugins. If there are some specific tabs or anchor links we may exclude them mannually. Ask in support forums for help. Please [report compatibility issues here](http://www.blogsynthesis.com/contact/) or on the [GitHub repository](https://github.com/anandkumar/jquery-smooth-scroll). You are more than welcome to contribute towards the development of the plugin. For any support ask here: [www.blogsynthesis.com/support/](http://www.blogsynthesis.com/support/).

However, I have checked the plugin is working fine on Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari for Windows.


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