jQuery Post Splitter

jQuery Post Splitter is compatible with almost all themes and it can be implemented in 4 different ways from which you might will require one. For user friendliness, this plugin come up with a button “Split Page” and easy usage within the text editor. It is light weight and comparatively optimized so it will not interrupt your scripts uselessly.

Wordpress has an excellent, but little known, [feature](http://codex.wordpress.org/Styling_Page-Links) for splitting up long posts into multiple pages. However, a growing trend among major news and blog sites is instead to split up posts into dynamically loading sliders. While there are many slider plugins available for Wordpress, none of them quite tackles this functionality. That’s where the jQuery Post Splitter comes in: it takes normal multi-page posts from Wordpress and replaces them with jQuery transition, ajax and page-refresh methods.

### What the slider does:

* Provides an awesome functionality to combine many posts/pages into one with the shortcodes. Example: [JPS_CHUNK id=”62″ type=”title”]

* Replaces Wordpress’ built-in post pagination funtionality with jQuery, ajax-based carousel and page-refresh method.

* Uses hash based URLs for easy direct linking to specific slides. This also preserves the functionality of the browser’s Back button.

* Automatically adds slide navigation and a slide counter (e.g. ‘1 of 7’) to sliders according to the preferences you set.

* Adds the ‘Insert Page Break’ button to the TinyMCE post editor so that you can easily split your content into multiple pages/slides.

* Provides an optional stylesheet for (very) basic styling of the slider navigation.

* Optionally allows infinite looping of slides.

* Optionally provides a link to view all slides on a single page.

* Optionally allows for scrolling back to top when each slide loads.

* For a complete tutorials, [join me here](http://www.tutorsloop.net/app/live.php?id=3680109)

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