Import Listings into the Jobify Theme

The Jobify Add-On for [WP All Import]( “WordPress XML & CSV Import”) makes it easy to bulk import your job listings to the Jobify theme in less than 10 minutes.

The left side shows all of the fields that you can import to and the right side displays a job from your XML/CSV file. Then you can simply drag & drop the data from your XML or CSV into the Jobify fields to import it.

The importer is so intuitive it is almost like manually adding a job opening in Jobify.

We have several other add-ons available, each specific to a different theme. This is a walkthrough of the WP Job Manager Add-On, which is very similar to the Jobify Add-On.

= Why you should use the Jobify Add-On for WP All Import =

* Instead of using the Custom Fields section of WP All Import, you are shown the fields like Listing Expiry Date, Company Name, etc. in plain English.

* Automatically find the job location just like manually adding a job.

* Full support for Jobify’s job search dropdowns, categories, regions, settings, and fields.

* Supports files in any format and structure. There are no requirements that the data in your file be organized in a certain way. CSV imports into Jobify is easy, no matter the structure of your file.

* Supports files of practically unlimited size by automatically splitting them into chunks. WP All Import is limited solely by your server settings.

= WP All Import Professional Edition =

The Jobify Add-On for WP All Import is fully compatible with [the free version of WP All Import]( “WordPress XML & CSV Import”).

However, [the professional edition of WP All Import]( includes premium support and adds the following features:

* Import files from a URL: Download and import files from external websites, even if they are password protected with HTTP authentication.

* Cron Job/Recurring Imports: WP All Import Pro can check periodically check a file for updates, and add, edit, delete, and update the your property listings.

* Custom PHP Functions: Pass your data through custom functions by using [my_function({data[1]})] in your import template. WP All Import will pass the value of {data[1]} through my_function and use whatever it returns.

* Access to premium technical support.

[Upgrade to the professional edition of WP All Import now.](

= Developers: Create Your Own Add-On =
This Add-On was created using the [Rapid Add-On API]( for WP All Import. We’ve made it really easy to write your own Add-On.

Don’t have time? We’ll write one for you.

[Read more about getting an Add-On made for your plugin or theme.](

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