JKL Timezone Converter

I live in South Korea. But I have loads of friends in the US and elsewhere in the
world. Additionally, sometimes I need to arrange Skype calls or meetings with
someone in a different timezone, OR there is an online event that I really want to
attend – in a different timezone.

I needed a way to quickly and easily convert from one date and time in a particular
timezone to another. (I hate Googling it every time, or looking up timezone tables
and doing mental math.) What I really wanted was something I could just point,
click, submit and have it spit out the relevant time for me in my timezone. So,
I created this plugin which does just that.

Requires WordPress 3.5 and PHP 5.4 or later.

= Special Features =
* Automatically defaults to your current date, time, and timezone
based on your WordPress General Settings
* Allows you to select a City or Manual UTC offset for conversion in the same way
the WordPress General Settings Page does
* Uses a special jQuery calendar popup for easy date selection
* Only allows one instance of the Converter to run on a Page at one time

= Notes =
* Multiple widgets are allowed at once (on the same Post/Page)
* Multiple shortcodes (on the same Post/Page) are disabled – multiple shortcodes
will display only ONE form
* On Posts/Pages with a shortcode, the widget will be disabled

= Planned Upcoming Features =
* AJAX form submission to prevent page reload
* Ability to give the shortcode a specific date and time (like for an Event you’re
promoting) that will set as the default for the Converter on that particular Page
* Ability to change the color of the form (shortcode) or converted result (widget)
* Possibly allow users to select whether or not to display multiple forms in shortcodes
and/or widgets

= Translations =
* English (EN) – default
* Korean (KO) – upcoming

If you want to help translate the plugin into your language, please have a look
at the `.pot` file which contains all definitions and may be used with a [gettext]

If you have created your own language pack, or have an update of an existing one,
you can send your [gettext .po or .mo file] to me so that I can bundle it in the

= Contact Me =
If you have questions about, problems with, or suggestions for improving this
plugin, please let me know at the [WordPress.org support forums](http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/jkl-timezones)

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