(iThoughts Advanced Code Editor)

Writing code directly into your WordPress editors have never been so easy. [Ace](https://ace.c9.io/#nav=about), the famous Code Editor used by [Cloud9 Web-IDE](https://c9.io/), will perfectly fit your needs to be more effective and reduce coding errors. **It now comes with a code check process on PHP files, to never again crash your server down!**

= Features =
* Replace the Appearance and Plugin editor with ACE
* **Checks your code to avoid submission if syntax errors are found!**
* 34 themes to style your editor the way you’ll love it
* Automatically adapt the syntax-highlight to the language of the file
* Automatically adjust editor size to fSnippetsit your screen and give you a bigger work-area
* Auto-completion for PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS
* Auto-close parenthesis, brackets, HTML tags, etc etc…
* Auto-indentation
* Syntax and code checking with markers in editor to easily find errors
* Possible to enable ace editor in client-side by a shortcode (usefull for forums with code tips)
* Works well with [iThoughts HTML Snippets](https://www.gerkindevelopment.net/en/portfolio/ithoughts-html-snippets/) to create re-usable pure HTML or hard-coded PHP snippets

Where WordPress says **Code Is Poetry**, iThoughts Advanced Code Editor reply **Code Is Calligraphy**

For more informations, please visit the [dedicated plugin page](http://www.gerkindevelopment.net/en/portfolio/ithoughts-advanced-code-editor/)

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