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= Inbound Brew is an all-in-one marketing plugin that offers SEO and inbound marketing tools, completely free. =

Marketers and small business owners can take advantage of Inbound Brew’s full-featured marketing plugin to enhance their blog or website through custom forms, CTA buttons, emails, lead management, and more.


The free version of Inbound Brew has everything you need to generate leads that convert. Free of charge, this marketing plugin supplies the following:

= Push Posts to Social Media (Immediate and Scheduled) =
You’ve just created a great post that the world should see. Time to copy/paste it into Facebook… or is it? Our plugin will do the heavy lifting for you by posting to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn either immediately or on a schedule that you determine… or both.

= Custom CTA Buttons (Calls To Action) =
Now that users are seeing your social media posts and following through to your website, prompt them to take action on your page with custom CTA buttons. Our plugin allows you to easily create and place CTA buttons anywhere on your website. Driving users to your landing pages has never been easier.

= Custom Landing Pages (with no coding necessary!) =
Up until now, creating custom Landing Pages in WordPress required some level of coding. Not anymore! Now you can easily create landing pages that highlight all of the reasons why your users should enter their information and grab that juicy bit of content you’ve created.

= Custom Forms and Lead Capturing =
Our custom forms tool makes it easy to gather the information you need from your leads. Customize your form fields and then paste the shortcode anywhere on your website! Capturing leads has never been so easy!

= Automate Emails and Deliver Secure Content =
Now that your customer has clicked the CTA button, visited your Landing Page, and determined that they want your content, it’s time for you to deliver! After a lead submits your form, greet them with a custom, automated email and a secure link to download your stellar content. Our email tool allows you to reach your leads in seconds and deliver content they care about.

= Lead Management (CRM) =
Stay organized and on top of your leads with our lead management tool. Create custom views, notate a phone call, send follow-up emails, and track all of a lead’s activity… It’s basically everything you need to drive your prospects through the pipeline and convert leads to a customer, or a customer to an evangelist.

= Manage Redirects =
Did you change a post URL, migrate from another site, or otherwise alter your site structure? Our plugin allows you to accommodate these changes with exact-match redirects, wildcard redirects, and more. Don’t lose any SEO juice that you’ve already earned! Use Inbound Brew to redirect those users to the right place.

= SEO Management =
Keep your website running smoothly and search engine friendly with our SEO management tool. Our plugin automatically updates your sitemap and robots.txt file as you make changes to your website, ensuring those search engines both like you and know how to find you!

***All of this for free? But why?***
We created this full-featured and completely free marketing plugin simply because we’re passionate about small business. You shouldn’t need to take out a small loan to be able to afford the tools necessary to grow your business.

***How do you stay in business, then?***
We are working on a paid version of our plugin that will enable us to keep the doors open and continue building free tools for small business. Upcoming paid features include an advanced analytics dashboard, additional social network connections, email drip-campaigns, and more. Our low-cost paid version of the plugin is for those who are generating revenue from inbound marketing and want to dig deeper, pull more levers, and maximize their ROI. Look for it’s debut mid-2017!

***What People are Saying***

> A great free WordPress inbound content marketing tool that will help generate leads for you and start building your email list faster… The team at Inbound Brew is really great, every time I’ve reached out them, I get a response back very fast. They’ve been super helpful and I have no problem recommending their tools and services!

— Graham Couling, [Brain Drops Marketing]( “Brain Drops Marketing”)

> Many inbound marketing platforms are expensive and beyond the reach of many small businesses. Inbound Brew provides a simple, WordPress-based solution that turns your site into an inbound marketing machine. A fantastic alternative you can have up and running quickly.

— Devin Sears, [BlueHost]( “Blue Host”)

> Inbound Brew is a full-service digital marketing, web development, and software development firm, that helped small businesses utilize content marketing to drive engagement and leads. They’ve now published an inbound marketing plugin that provides all the tools necessary to do this – directly from WordPress! The plugin has several features that coordinate your content marketing with your inbound marketing efforts.

— Douglas Karr, [Marketing Tech Blog](

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Requires: PHP 5.4, WordPress 3+, and the PDO PHP extension. Read [here]( “Inbound Brew Marketing Resources”) for more info on the PDO extension.

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