Image Gallery Reloaded

**A jQuery based Image Gallery Reloaded plugin replaces the default Wordpress gallery with a highly customizable slideshow and gallery.**

* Set gallery images and thumbnail sizes
* Customize gallery design to fit your Theme
* Set transition effects
* Lightbox view of the images
* Image panning effect
* Custom colors via color picker to match your theme – you do not to remember all those HEX numbers
* Autoplay
* Extensive settings
* Based on the default WordPress gallery

1. Go to your post and click the “Edit Gallery” button.
2. At the top of the popup click “Include in Gallery: All” or select individual images
3. Click “Save all Changes”
4. Click “Update Gallery Setting”
5. Click “Update” in the post’s Publish meta box

To see Image Gallery Reloaded (IGR) in action visit : [18elements website](

Interested in contributing? Fork it on [GitHub](

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