IMPress for IDX Broker

IMPress for IDX Broker is part of the IMPress family of plugins. Your IDX Broker-enabled account provides this plugin with access to your MLS data feed. The IMPress for IDX Broker plugin allows you to display that data on your WordPress site using widgets and shortcodes while seamlessly matching your brand.

IMPress for IDX Broker


New! Manage Your Leads
No more going between browser windows with the Lead Management interface. Now you can see and manage your leads right within the WordPress dashboard.

New! Form Integration
Until now the lead capture forms for IDX have been separate from the standard WordPress forms. With IMPress for IDX Broker you can create forms within WordPress and capture lead information straight into IDX Broker. At launch, the integration includes the popular form plugins of [Ninja Forms](, [Contact Form 7](, and [Gravity Forms](

New! Selective Refresh
Selective refresh (WP 4.5 or later) is available for widgets in the customizer. When an edit is made to any widget, the change is made without having to reload the page.

Omnibar Search Widget
This widget allows you to add an Omnibar Search Widget to your home page. Visitors can then search by city, county, postal code, address, or listing ID. Custom Fields such as School or Subdivision can also be added. No other IDX solution offers this many options in a search widget for your home page.

Mobile Responsive and Mobile-Friendly
All of your templates and widgets will be responsive if you’re using a responsive theme. If you want to give visitors a more simplified, mobile app-like experience, simply activate mobile wrappers. Visitors can always select “View Full Site” to load the full version of your WordPress site on their mobile device. Only IMPress for IDX Broker offers this many options for your mobile visitors!

Native WordPress Widgets
Add widgets previously only available in the Equity framework – lead login, signup, city links, showcase, and carousel widgets. Take advantage of these new widgets to deliver the best experience, and style them to match the design of your site!

Conveniently Add Shortcodes
An overhauled user experience makes this plugin easy to use. Easily add new widgets to pages and posts with built-in shortcodes.

Import Your Listings with IMPress Listings
Combine this plugin with [IMPress Listings]( to import all your IDX properties into WordPress without wasting time on tedious data entry. You no longer have to manually enter your properties! Have them updated as the MLS changes – directly from your IDX Broker feed!

Capture and Convert Your Leads
Use powerful lead capture tools to generate new leads. Go beyond and customize your lead capture settings with [IDX Broker Platinum](

Cloud Hosted, Never Framed
The IMPress for IDX Broker plugin links to pages on your site including your IDX Broker custom subdomain. This allows multiple unique URL results for each specific search engine query, leading to the best possible SEO results and more traffic from search engines. Don’t be fooled by the scare tactics used by those who suggest that IDX pages must always appear on your root WordPress domain.

Design Community
Only IMPress for IDX Broker gives you the ability to choose premium IMPress WordPress themes designed specifically around use with your IDX Broker account. [Agent Evolution]( (a division of IDX Broker) and other [Premium Real Estate Theme Designers]( offer deep integration with the IMPress plugin suite.

Map Search Widget
Add a full-sized [map search widget]( to ANY page on your domain. Create your own custom polygon searches with your IDX Broker Platinum account and allow visitors the ability to search within popular neighborhoods in your area.

Build Neighborhood Pages
Back up your expertise with neighborhood and community pages. Write a story, or a post, and use anchor tags to link your custom neighborhoods in IMPress for IDX Broker. That’s two indexed pages for the price of one!

The Best Office IDX Available
Assign leads to your agents exactly the way you want. Choose from multiple lead routing options, including [round robin](, custom assignments for neighborhood pages, using a [showcase widget](, or by creating a unique [bio page]( for each agent!

Affordable Pricing
IMPress for IDX Broker requires an IDX Broker account. Plans start at $39.99 for IDX Broker Lite and $59.99 for IDX Broker Platinum. [View all features now](

Agent Evolution offers fully-hosted, chat-supported [WordPress Plans]( that include IDX Broker Platinum ($59.99 value) starting at $99.99 per month.

General Terms of Use
IMPress for IDX Broker uses the MLS/IDX feeds provided by your IDX Broker account. This means your MLS governs the display and disclaimers on your IDX results and details pages. IDX, LLC manages all the necessary MLS paperwork. The IMPress for IDX Broker plugin will automatically display the correct MLS/IDX disclaimers to ensure compliance with the MLS(s) & Board(s) that provides you with your IDX feed.

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