This plugin provides a host-meta – file for WordPress (RFC:

From the RFC:

> Web-based protocols often require the discovery of host policy or
> metadata, where host is not a single resource but the entity
> controlling the collection of resources identified by URIs with a
> common host as defined. While these protocols have a
> wide range of metadata needs, they often define metadata that is
> concise, has simple syntax requirements, and can benefit from storing
> its metadata in a common location used by other related protocols.

> Because there is no URI or a resource available to describe a host,
> many of the methods used for associating per-resource metadata (such
> as HTTP headers) are not available. This often leads to the
> overloading of the root HTTP resource (e.g. ‘’)
> with host metadata that is not specific to the root resource (e.g. a
> home page or web application), and which often has nothing to do it.

> This memo registers the “well-known” URI suffix ‘host-meta’ in the
> Well-Known URI Registry established by,
> and specifies a simple, general-purpose metadata document for hosts,
> to be used by multiple Web-based protocols.

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