HelixWare – Video Hosting for WordPress

> #### HelixWare – Upload and play beautiful HD video right from your site.

HelixWare is a WordPress plugin which integrates with the [HelixWare](http://helixware.tv) **video cloud platform**.

With this plugin, you can upload videos, organise them using the WordPress Media library and add a shortcode to display them on your site.

Installing and activating HelixWare turns WordPress into a **powerful integrated streaming platform** with the following features:

* Upload any video file via the familiar WordPress Media screen
* Videos take **zero space** and **zero CPU** on your WordPress hosting
* We automatically encode your videos to multiple bitrates and formats
* Stream to any device: PCs, Macs, Linux, iPhones, Androids

> #### HelixWare – Registration
> To use this plugin you need to register on [helixware.tv](https://helixware.tv/sign-up/)
> get the application key and secret and add it to the configuration panel.

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