Gravity Slider Fields

Gravity Forms does not yet support slider fields. Until that time, this plugin may serve the purpose well.

The plugin adds a new slider field within the advanced field group. Customize your slider with the following set of options.

= Supported Options =

**Native to Gravity Forms**

* field label
* description
* number format
* range
* field label visibility
* description placement
* custom css class
* field size
* admin field label
* default value
* visibility
* allow field to be populated dynamically
* enable conditional logic


* value relations (descriptive terms that relate to min & max number values of slider)
* step (precision of values that can selected along the slider)
* show value (select whether to hide, show on hover & drag, or always shows the currently selected value)

If value relations have been defined, they will be displayed along with the field label in form entry details and when using merge tags.

= Credits =
In order to play nice with touch devices, Gravity Slider Fields utilizes [noUiSlider]( “noUiSlider”) (developed by [Léon Gersen](

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