GMap Shortcode


You can add a map using a shortcode.

You only need to:

1. Go to

2. Search the address you want to embed in your website. Drag and drop the map to adjust it to the section you want.

3. Copy the latitude and longitude.

4. Go to the page you want to add the map and paste this shortcode: [gmap_mc lat=”LATITUDE” long=”LONGITUDE”]

To keep in mind:

– The default dimensions are **350×250**

– The defaults latitude and longitude point to **Cuba**

– You can set your own dimensions using these parameters [gmap_mc lat=”LATITUDE” long=”LONGITUDE” width=”600″ height=”250″]

– You can set the zoom of your map using the parameter **mapwidth**, like this [gmap_mc lat=”LATITUDE” long=”LONGITUDE” width=”600″ height=”250″ mapwidth=”3000km”]. The zoom is assumed to be in miles unless you specify km. The default zoom is **1500km**

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