(GC MailPoet EX)

= How GC MailPoet EX helps your website =

Set up and start to use in minutes. Power up your [GC Message Bar](http://wordpress.org/plugins/gc-message-bar/) and [GC Message Box](http://wordpress.org/plugins/gc-message-box/) plugins with this simple email subscription extension and generate leads into your email lists. Triple your subscribers with this easy to customize opt in solution.

* **Premium version is also available: [GC MailPoet EX PRO](http://getconversion.com/products/gc-mailpoet-ex-pro/)**

= Designed for Lead Generation =

* Capturing leads
* Generating subscribers
* Recommending subscription within a post
* Promoting free stuff
* Converting visitors into your funnel

= Don’t have GC plugins on your website? =

* (FREE) [Get GC Message Bar](http://wordpress.org/plugins/gc-message-bar/)
* (FREE) [Get GC Message Box](http://wordpress.org/plugins/gc-message-box/)
* (Premium) [GC MailPoet EX PRO](http://getconversion.com/products/gc-mailpoet-ex-pro/)
* (Premium) [GC MailChimp EX PRO](http://getconversion.com/products/gc-mailchimp-ex-pro/)

= Compatibility =

* [Newsletters: MailPoet/Wysija](http://www.mailpoet.com)
* [Multilingual Ready: WPML.org](http://wpml.org)
* [WP Super Cache](http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-super-cache/)
* [W3 Total Cache](http://wordpress.org/plugins/w3-total-cache/)

= Main features =

* Works with MailPoet / Wysija Newsletters plugin
* Integrates the subscription form into GC Message Bar plugin
* Integrates the subscription form into GC Message Box plugin

= Message setting features =

* Message Text
* Call to Action Button Text
* Placeholder text
* Character counts
* MailPoet/Wysija list selection

= Styling features =

* Predefined color schemes with GC Message Bar and GC Message Box
* Custom Input Background Color
* Custom Input Text Color
* Custom Placeholder Color
* Custom Input Border Color

= GetConversion Community =

* **Vote For Roadmap Features: [GC MailPoet EX Roadmap](http://community.getconversion.net/roadmap/gc-mailpoet-ex)**
* **Discuss Forum Topics: [GC MailPoet EX Forum](http://community.getconversion.net/forum/gc-mailpoet-ex)**
* **Suggest An Idea: [Feature Request](http://community.getconversion.net/idea)**
* **Report A Bug: [Bug Report](http://community.getconversion.net/bug)**
* **GetConversion Home: [GetConversion.com](http://getconversion.com)**

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