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Install [Formilla’s Customer Support Software for WooCommerce]( “Formilla’s Customer Support Software for WooCommerce”) and get started with **FREE live chat and marketing automation** for your WooCommerce site (with **Premium services available**). Provide online chat support to your visitors and view them navigate your website or store from page to page, along with the ability to view the contents of their shopping cart.

**Formilla’s Features:**

* **Installs Instantly:** You’ll be up and running within minutes once you install the plugin to your WooCommerce or WordPress site and sign-up for a Formilla account. The live chat widget will appear on your site upon installation/activation of this plugin and you can configure all the options in your cloud account without touching any site code!

* **Pro-active Chat:** Enable pro-active chat to trigger live chat automatically with a visitor after a defined number of seconds.

* **Shopping Cart Details:** When using WooCommerce (WordPress ecommerce plugin), Formilla will automatically display a visitor’s shopping cart contents in real time during a chat. If you’re using one of our premium packages, you can also view your most active visitors’ shopping cart contents using the visitor monitoring feature from the live chat dashboard. Know what products visitors have added to their shopping cart, the quantity of each item, sub-total, and grand total. Use proactive chat or request chat functionality to ensure customers purchase before they leave your website.

* **Email Collection Widgets:** Continually grow your email list with our beautiful email collection widgets and popups.

* **Facebook and Twitter Social Media Widgets:** Increase your Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers using our social media widgets.

* **Custom Messaging Campaigns:** Display custom in-app messages to customers at the perfect time, based on various criteria and/or visitor behavior. What’s the result? Much higher conversions. If you’re looking to encourage customers to download your mobile app, up-sell or cross-sell products, purchase an additional product accessory, take advantage of a huge sale, and the list goes on, you can benefit tremendously from Formilla Edge. It’s all about delivering the right message, to the right customer, at the right time; execute this properly, and you’ll see your conversions drastically rise. This is a Premium package option.

* **Multiple Display Types:** Configure in-app messages using pop modals, top and bottom website bars, corner widgets, or live chat widgets to display messages in the format that makes sense for a given webpage or visitor.

* **Custom Fields:** Pass in custom parameters and customer data from your website to for more powerful marketing automation and easier tracking, such as account IDs, customer IDs, customer name, phone, and more.

* **Timing and Scroll-based Triggers:** Display email, social, and custom in-app messages after a defined number of seconds (e.g. after 15 seconds), or to automatically popup if the visitor scrolls on your website. Also control how often to display each message campaign to a visitor by selecting Always, One Time, Daily, Monthly, etc.

* **Real-time Visitor Monitoring:** Formilla’s real-time visitor monitoring/tracking allows you to see the number of active visitors on your website, and initiate live chats with them. View visitor login email, where your visitor is located, their recently viewed web pages, what operating system (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.) or internet browser they are using, where the traffic came from (Google, Facebook, other linking sites, etc.), whether they are a new or returning visitor, and more. Formilla visitor monitoring comes with any of our Premium account packages.

* **Desktop Notifications:** Make sure you don’t miss any chats by enabling Desktop Notifications to see an alert box displayed every time you receive a chat. This feature currently works with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

* **Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices:** Live chat via your mobile device or tablet by using our iPhone/iPad or Android apps! Install our app and simply login to your Formilla Live Chat account to chat with customers from anywhere! This feature is available with any Premium package.

* **Language Support (International):** Our Language support option allows you to customize the text of the live chat buttons, chat forms, and offline email forms. Our Premium packages allow you to customize your live chat widget in any language, including Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Hindi, Italian, and much more!

* **Multiple Live Chat Agents:** Our Premium packages allow you to add multiple chat agents to your Live Chat account to support incoming live chats from your customers. Using Chat Broadcast, all your online chat agents are notified of an incoming chat and can accept or decline the chat based on their immediate availability. They can also transfer a chat message back and forth with other available chat agents and provide a private message to provide additional details with the transfer.

* **Require Email Address:** Before visitors start a live chat, you can require them to supply their email address and include them in future marketing opportunities.

* **Offline Email Form:** Formilla will automatically display an offline ‘Email us’ contact button on your site when you’re unavailable to chat. You can manage offline messages through the Customer Inbox or on the go by using your preferred email client.

* **Integrate with hundreds of apps using Zapier:** Automatically post email subscribers, chat transcripts, and offline email submissions directly to your favorite apps using Zapier. Hundreds of apps are supported, including email marketing tools, CRMs, ticket systems, and a lot more (e.g. Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Pipedrive, Infusionsoft, Zendesk, etc.). This is a Premium package option.

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