The Form Builder Plugin for WordPress allows you to build contact forms in
the WordPress administrative interface without needing to know PHP or HTML.
We’ve tried to make it simple enough for anyone to make them, yet customisable
enough to satisfy the needs of experienced web developers.

IMPORTANT! Be advised, FormBuilder is nearing end-of-life and may not be actively
maintained in the future. It is advisable to switch your WordPress site to some
other Form handling plugin at this time.

** Features: **

* Easily build complex contact forms without any HTML or coding.
* Pre-made contact forms for quick and easy setup.
* Put forms anywhere on your site.
* Put multiple forms on a single page.
* Split forms into multiple pages.
* Set up personalised autoresponses to send to the visitor.
* Optionally store all form data in the database.
* Built-in anti-spam capabilities.
* Optional CAPTCHA technology.
* Translatable.
* Multi-language forms support.
* Akismet and spammer IP checking
* Permissions control
* and LOTS more…

Programming and Design by [James Warkentin](

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