Form Generator for WordPress

Form Generator seamlessly delivers JotForm to your WordPress website. No more jumping back and forth between websites to edit forms, view submissions, and copy code!

Form Generator lets you manage your JotForm account from your WordPress dashboard so can take advantage of all JotForm’s great features without leaving your editor. With a single click you can now:

* Create, edit & clone forms,
* Embed forms in posts, pages & widgets,
* View & delete form submissions, and
* Download form submissions to Excel.

For Form Generator users, I’ve created a series of beautiful template contact forms, RSVP forms, volunteer forms, donate forms with payment processing & more! These forms add to the over 2500 templates already available from JotForm which you can add to your website in seconds.


JotForm started as the web’s first WYSIWYG form editor and now it’s used by over 1,000,000 satisfied customers. The reason so many people are using JotForm is because it’s flexible, dynamic, and easy to use. Not only is JotForm completely customizable but it can be integrated with many of the most popular tools on the web today.

Feed your email sign up forms directly into your **Constant Contact**, **AWeber**, **iContact**, or **MailChimp** account. Get submissions and files sent directly to your **Dropbox**, **Google Drive**, **Google Speadsheets**, or **Box** accounts. Integrate with CRM’s like **Salesforce** and **Zoho**. You can even embed your forms on **Facebook**.

What else? JotForm allows you to accept payments using popular processors like **PayPal**, **PayPal Pro**, **Stripe**, ****, **Google Checkout**, **Click Bank**, **World Pay**, and others. So why JotForm? Because it’s amazing!! Try it out and I know you’ll think so too.

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