Faster with Stats

There is a table in Appthemes Classipress, Clipper and Jobroller installation that can become huge after some time. This table stores daily counters for every ad. Here is a plugin to speed up your AppThemes installation called Faster with Stats that will clear this table on daily basis (or manually) with parameters that you specify.

This table is used for showing daily hits per ad, so moving old values has no effect on total statistics, because for that purpose there is another table.
If you are not using history data of daily statistic for some extensive reports, you don’t need this data. And this table can get really huge. My table had more than 122.000 records and was slowing my site down.

Why is your site getting slower and slower? This table stores hit counts for every ad on daily basis, which means for every ad a new record is added every day if the ad was seen by anyone on that day. So, if you have many ads on your site, it could mean that even 1000 records will be added to this table daily, so in a few months this table will have more than 100.000 records.

It doesn’t sound a lot, but here is what happens when a user visits your web page:
Default theme in Classipress uses 3 tabs on front page and on every tab there are 10 ads by default. So this means that there will be 30 selects only on this table for every customer and this is a big impact on SQL server.

There is also a table that stores total counters for posts, and the records are not getting clared after a post is deleted. So, this plugin will also optimize that table.

Appthemes Classipress, Clipper or Jobroller child theme is required to be installed on your WordPress for this plugin to work.

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