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[Excitel](https://excitel.net/ “excitel.net”) offers voice communication, which will help you to answer user’s questions in time. As a result, this will increase sales and customer loyalty.
The user does not need installation of additional applications every time, adding contacts, going for the phone and dialing long numbers. The user may just click “Call” button and find out all the necessary information.


* **Setting of the working hours**. Adjust the time for receiving calls, and at the rest of the time users will be able to record voice messages and send them to you.
* **Several lines for simultaneous calls**. Enables customers to resolve all issues in a few minutes without waiting for their turn to talk to the operator.
* **Call Forwarding**. Allows you to forward the call to another operator or manager.
* **Statistics of the calls**. History on each call is available. The system stores the time and duration of the call, additional information about customer (location, IP and etc), record of the conversation.
* **Call Recording**. An indispensable functional for analysis of customer feedback, control and development of professional skills of operators.
* **Export of calls data into MS Excel**. If necessary, you can export the data of calls to Microsoft Excel and produce a comprehensive analysis.
* **Custom design for online call button**. The service allows you to create an individual button’s appearance according to the site design and corporate style.
* **Cross-platform**. The call from the site works on various operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux) in the most popular browsers: Chrome 35+, Mozilla Firefox 24+ and Opera 18+. Excitel uses browser technologies (WebRTC and Flash) during the call.
* **Additional information about customer**. If user registered on your site, then you can send this information via [Excitel API](https://excitel.net/en/api-doc#api-Settings-button_code_api “Excitel API”). This information will be available for your operators (during the call).
* **Send form to customer**. You can send the form to customer during the call.
* **Chat**. You can chat with customer during the call.

This plugin is designed to simplify the process of adding online call buttons to the website. You can register and try the functionality of the service with Free plan. For more information send the message to [support](https://excitel.net/en/page/contacts “support team”)

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