Eonet Live Search

*Add to your site a top-notch live search field*.

Eonet Live Search can be added to any search field.
It’ll create a nice popup box with the search’s result in real time. It plays very well with **Buddypress**, **Woocommerce**
and any other **custom post type**. Specific integration can be added by us.

**[Live Demo](http://alka-web.com/eonet/live-search/)**

= Featured features: =

* Options panel
* Buddypress Members integration
* Buddypress Groups integration
* Buddypress Activities integration
* Works with any custom post types
* Pages / Posts integration
* AJAX powered, no page reload
* User search history
* Options to restrain the search sections
* Results listed within organized tabs

= For developers: =
* Hooks/Filters available in all the plugin code
* Minified files
* Documented code
* GPL license
* Secure development using tokens and Wordpress native functions

If you’re looking for a next generation live search plugin, you should give it a go!

We’re open to any feature suggestion.

This plugin has been developed as a side project by the Alkaweb developers team.

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