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HTML SNIPPET EMBED: a powerful and simple tool for your WordPress CMS site or blog.

This plugin allows to create and store HTML snippets, and add them in your content just clicking the “HTML Snippet” button in the post editor.

HTML snippets are objects that can store everything: a Youtube video, some content, a SoundCloud player and much more.

[A note for geeks: it’s like creating on the fly a new shortcode that you can use on every post or page of your blog.]

See how it works – watch the video: it’s easier said then done.


You can also display your HTML snippets in a provided sidebar widget.

After embedding your code, in your post you will see that a contextual “edit snippet” direct editing button is provided for the site administrator’s convenience. So you can immediately tweak your embedded HTML, useful for changing sizes on the fly.

HTML Snippets can be a handy way of having a “pastebin” for your stuff too – play with it, you’ll love it.
Custom Fields content embed. Quick & no-frills.


Are you familiar with custom fields? Paste your HTML code to embed in a custom field of your choice, and then place a shortcode in your content by clicking the “Custom Field” button.

[Note for geeks: EmbedIt will paste for you a “post-specific” shortcode, which calls a custom field]

This is very useful when you need to quickly embed just in a single post some HTML, without leaving the post editing window.


A different use for this plugin: handling multilanguage labels

This plugin has also another possible interesting use, for handling multilanguage labels in WordPress, if used with the qTranslate Multilanguage plugin. Very easy to understand how, just create a snippet, read on, and use the suggested php functions.

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