(EDD – Status Board)

EDD – Status Board Integrates the Easy Digital Downloads API with the Status Board iPad app.

Using your Easy Digital Downloads API Key and Tokens, you can display 3 different bar graphs:

* Last 7 days sales
* Last 7 days earnings
* A Hybrid of last 7 days sales & earnings

= The URL endpoints are =
* http://example.org/edd-api/sbsales/?key=apikey&token=usertoken
* http://example.org/edd-api/sbearnings/?key=apikey&token=usertoken
* http://example.org/edd-api/sbhybrid/?key=apikey&token=usertoken
* http://example.org/edd-api/sbcommissions/?key=apikey&token=usertoken
* http://example.org/edd-api/sbstorecommissions/?key=apikey&token=usertoken

You can manually add them to Status Board, or use the buttons located in the Profile page of wp-admin to automatically add the graphs (as seen in Screenshot 2).

**This plugin requires Easy Digital Downloads version 2.4 or greater.**

= The following filters exist =
* edd_statusboard_graph_type – Alters the type of graph, bar or line. (Default: bar)
* edd_statusboard_sales_color – Alters the color of the sales bar graphs. (Default: orange)
* edd_statusbaord_earnings_prefix – Alters the prefix of earnings amounts. (Default: $)
* edd_statusbaord_earnings_suffix – Alters the suffix of earnings amounts (Default: blank)
* edd_statusboard_earnings_color – Alters the color of the earnings bar graphs (Default: green)
* edd_statusboard_date_format – Alter the date format of the X-Axis. (Default: n/j or, month/day, uses PHP date formatting)
* edd_statusboard_scale – By default Status Board auto scales based on the numbers in the data (thousands, millions, etc). You can set this via the filter (Default: 1, no scaling). A value of 0 will enable auto scaling.

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