EDD EU VAT Compliance

Easy Digital Downloads Plugin thats let you be in compliance with EU VAT regulations (VATMOSS): To do so, the correct VAT rate (According to your visitors location) is loaded in your EDD checkout page. Also, its make sure the billing address and your visitor location match to use them as two factor validation for the applied VAT rate.

= Features =
The plugin adds the following features to your Easy Digital Downloads VAT/TAX management.

* **Identify your customers’ locations**: The plugin will record evidence of your customer’s location, using their billing address and their IP address (via a GeoIP lookup). This information is save in EDD Payments table and easily exported into CSV file.

* **Evidence is recorded:** The information that was used to calculate VAT and customer location (Billing Country and Geo IP Location) is displayed in the EDD order screen in the back-end.

* **Maintaining each country’s VAT rates:** If enable, the plugin will download once a month the updated list of VAT Rates using SSL is possible.

= How this plugin works =
The plugin updates the Easy Digital Downloads checkout process and load the VAT rate according to your customer billing address from a list of EU vat rates that can be automatically updated once a month. Also, as required by EU TAX Regulations (VATMOSS), two pieces of non contradictory evidence are recorded for each sale: The Billing address and customer’s Geo Located country. You can use this information as evidence for EU Digital products VAT regime.

= About GeoIP location =
Your visitor country is identify by checking your visitor IP on data from one of two places:

1. If GeoLite2 database by MaxMind is available it would be used in first place.
2. If the database is not present the following online services will be used:
– [hostip.info](http://www.hostip.info)
– [Telize](http://www.telize.com)
– [ipinfo.io](http://ipinfo.io)

= Disclaimer =
The plugin has been designed to help you fulfil the requirements of EU VAT regulations (VATMOSS) using Easy Digital Downloads.

* Identify customers’ location.
* Collect at least two non-contradictory pieces of evidence about the determined location.
* Apply the correct VAT rate.
* Ensure that VAT numbers used for B2B transactions are valid before applying VAT exemption. (PRO Version)

We cannot, however, give any legal guarantee that the features provided by this product will be sufficient for you to be fully compliant. By using this product, you declare that you understand and agree that we cannot take any responsibility for errors, omissions or any non-compliance arising from the use of this plugin, alone or together with other products, plugins, themes, extensions or services. It will be your responsibility to check the data produced by this product and file accurate VAT returns on time with your Revenue authority.

Forked from [EDD – Prevent EU Checkout](https://wordpress.org/plugins/edd-prevent-eu-checkout/)

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