(Easy Video Gallery)

The Easy Video Gallery plugin allows you to easily add a frontend video gallery or player to your WordPress website.
The plugin creates an easy to use video editor and shortcode that you can use to display a video gallery or player on your
pages/posts or anywhere else shortcodes are supported. If you are a developer you can also include the shortcode through PHP in theme template files.

= Features List =

1. Display youtube or vimeo videos
2. Customize the layout using css.
3. Set video player paramaters

= Usage =

1. Create or edit a new/existing page or post and add the shortcode `[easy-video-gallery args]`
2. shortcode parameters are videos, titles, width, height
3. videos and optional titles a comma seperated list of youtube or vimeo links
4. Create a gallery in the video post type editor. Enter video URL followed by optional title

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