(Easy Instagram)

The “Easy Instagram” plugin can display an Instagram image from a single Instagram user’s
photo collection or from images throughout Instagram hashtagged with a specified Tag.
It can also create a gallery of up to ten images fed either from the Instagram User ID or the Tag.

**”Easy Instagram” contains:**

* Streamlined code for optimized plugin performance
* Simple instructions
* Widget & shortcode options
* A bare-minimum feature set
* Flexibility – ready for custom css

**”Easy Instagram” supports:**

* A single photo feed or up to ten fed from a single User ID
* A single photo feed or up to ten fed from a single Tag
* Multiple photo feeds, of up to twenty images, each from a different Tag

**”Easy Instagram” features:**

* Option to display the image author’s username, and change lead text
* Image author’s username links to their Instagram profile page
* Option to limit image description character display
* Option to display time since image was posted
* Option to display date and time image was posted
* Option to hide/display the images hashtags
* Option to, on click, open image in Instagram on a new tab
* Option to, on click, open image in a Thickbox or Colorbox popup

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