Easy Banners Widget

The Easy Banners Widget is an easy-to-use widget that allows you to configure and display call-to-action banners in your site’s sidebars.

_Preview your color selections before saving._


* Configurable widget title.
* Easily select banner color using built-in color picker.
* Include `html` in your banners message.
* Easily select text color using built-in color picker.
* Preview your color selections before saving!
* Easily link banners to any url.
* Choose the default (basic) CSS styling or roll your own.

__Developer Features__

This widget was built not only with end-users in mind, but also plugin developers. Almost every aspect of this widget is extensible through filters and action hooks. You can even add your own form fields to the widget form!

* Need to remove a field from the widget form? Not a problem! Every field is passed through its own filter for easy customization.
* Need to modify the output of the widget? Easy! The output is passed through numerous filters, allowing you to customize the content to meet your project’s requirements.
* For a full list of action hooks and filters, please see the plugin documentation: http://darrinb.com/plugins/easy-banners-widget

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