(Dynamic QR Code Generator)

(Quick Response code) A two-dimensional bar code that is widely used to cause a Web page to download into the user’s smartphone when scanned with a mobile tagging app. ‘Dyanomic QR Code Generator’ plugin generate qr code for each and every page, post and site url . Its easy to use from your sidebars. No setting up needed just plug and play.

= Shortcode =
* [dqr_code] – shows QR code for permalink of current post, page or custom post type.
* [dqr_code url=”http://example.com”] – shows QR code for “http://example.com”.
* [dqr_code post_id=”99″] – shows QR code for permalink of post ID “99”. (supports post,page or custom post type).
* [dqr_code url=”http://example.com”] – shows QR code for “http://example.com” and the ‘post_id’ parameter will be denied.
* [dqr_code url=”http://example.com” size=”300″ color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#ffffff”] – shows QR code for “http://example.com”. Where the QR code will be 300px X300px size and will have “#000000” as color and “#ffffff” as background color. Defaults: Size= 200, Color=”#000000″, Background Color=”#ffffff”;

= Key Feratures: =

* Easy install
* Very easy to configure.
* Easy to use shortcode.

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