Display During Conditional Shortcode

Specify the start and end date / times you’d like content enclosed by the shortcode to be displayed during. Optionally include a message or different content to display once that time period has passed.

= Shortcodes: =

Insert `[display_during end_day_time=”June 27, 2018 10:00 am” message=”Sorry, this content no longer available.”]CONTENT_TO_DISPLAY[/display_during]` into any post or page to conditionally display whatever is inside of the shortcode. The `message` parameter you specify will display if the start and end time parameters are not currently valid.

All shortcode parameters:

`[display_during start_day_time=”Sun 8:00 am” end_day_time=”Mon 8:00 pm” timezone_location=”America/Denver” message=”Sorry, this content is not currently available.”]CONTENT_TO_DISPLAY[/display_during]`

* `start_day_time` – OPTIONAL – What day/time or time of day should the contents start being displayed?
* `end_day_time` – REQUIRED – What day/time or time of day should the content of the shortcode stop being displayed?
* `timezone_location` – OPTIONAL – The timezone uses by default whatever is set for the site in Settings > General. You can use this optional parameter to specify a different timezone location. Uses the standard [PHP timezones](http://www.php.net/manual/en/timezones.php)

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