I don’t like certain things, like curly ‘smart’ quotes and self pings. Instead of installing six or seven plugins to do this, I thought I’d make one plugin to cover the usual suspects. Instead of just disabling everything, Disabler lets you pick and choose what settings you want turned off, in a dead simple UI.

This plugin will let you disable/remove the following features:

**Front End Settings**

* Texturization (including Smart/Curly quotes, EM dash, EN dash, and ellipsis)
* The automatic capitalization of the P in WordPress (WordPress 3.0+ only)
* The “ that is automatically inserted

**Back End Settings**

* Self Ping
* Autosaving of posts
* Post Revisions
* RSS Feeds

**Privacy Settings**

* Outputting WordPress version in your blog headers
* Sending your blog URL to WordPress when checking for updates on core/theme/plugins

All options default to off, and get cleaned up on uninstall.

* [Plugin Site](https://wordpress.org/plugins/disabler/)

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