Dicentis Podcast

Most podcast plugin for WordPress are great but have one weakness: They focus on single podcast sites. It is not easy or impossible to create multiple podcast feeds with on installation. This plugin wants to change that. It is possible to add multiple podcast and support individual feeds for different media types. In addition, you can add series and speaker to episodes for a better archive and to enhance episodes with more meta data.

**Key Features**

– Create as many podcast you want
– Organize podcast episodes within different series (like categories)
– Assign speaker to episodes
– Provide episode in different formats (mp3, ogg, m4a) and assign it to one episode
– Listen / Watch your episode direct with built-in WordPress media player
– Custom capabilities: Create specific Podcast user
– Full i18n support – Translation Ready

**Where to find help**

You can either use [the support forum](https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/dicentis-podcast) or create a new [issue on GitHub](https://github.com/Dicentis/dicentis/issues).

**How to contribute**

Contributing to Dicentis is easy, please [fork the GitHub repository](https://github.com/dicentis/dicentis) and create new Pull Requests. You can also contribute without the need to code. Dicentis can be translated and also a documentation is meant to be written. If you’re interested please contact me: [Contact](http://dicentis.io/contact/).

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