Dequeue Font Awesome

**Dequeue Font Awesome** is a very lightweight plugin that will remove all *Font Awesome* stylesheets added to your theme by certain plugins, to not be loaded by several times, if your theme already make use of Font Awesome.

For instance, if you use a theme that use Font Awesome and you also have 2 active plugins (e.g. social icons, menu icons) that both load Font Awesome too, you will end up with 3 font-awesome.css stylesheets loaded. But you only need one. This plugin helps you to always load only one Font Awesome.

= Main Feature =

**Dequeue Font Awesome** plugin aims to reduce the number of **HTTP** requests (for performance reasons) generated by certain plugins that loads extra *Font Awesome* stylesheet to your theme, even if your theme already uses *Font Awesome*.

>You wouldn’t want to see *Font Awesome* loaded several times in your header, bloating your theme unnecessarily.

= Important Note =

**Dequeue Font Awesome** plugin can be also used safely as a smart way to enqueue *Font Awesome* stylesheet from CDN, even if your theme doesn’t use it yet.

So there is no need to find out if your theme already uses *Font Awesome*, the plugin will load it only once anyway, thus preventing any additional HTTP requests generated by other plugins that uses *Font Awesome* too.

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