Cookieless Comments

Disables WordPress comment cookies. A tiny but useful plugin for people looking to simplify EU cookie law compliance requirements.

Comment cookies are only used to avoid unregistered users to put their name and URL in the comment form everytime they comment in your WordPress and to allow them to see their comments while they are in moderation queue.

So if you don’t need them, or you want to stop using them to simplify things, **and you don’t have any plugin using cookies**. You’ll comply with the EU cookie law without the need to show the visitor a popup to require consent for the use of cookies.

**NOTE: This is not legal advice and can’t substitute it, it’s only a tiny plugin to help you when you know your site and your responsabilities. If you need legal advice regarding to EU cookie law and your site in your country ask to a lawyer.**

= Requirements =

* WordPress 3.8.1 or higher.

= Usage =

Simply install and activate, no options.

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